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Digital Media, Particle Simulation

Choreographer: Liu Qiuxia

Reverdie 指歌頌大地的歌曲、詩歌或舞蹈,慶祝春天的到來。設計概念以植物生長出發,配合 Adobe After Effects 的 Red Giant Trapcode Particular,利用粒子系統及物理模擬一個抽象的動態影像。從發芽、出苗及長莖,慢慢幻化成花朵,作為這舞蹈演出的一個開幕。

Reverdie refers to a song, poem or dance sung to the earth to celebrate the arrival of spring. The design concept starts with the growth of plants, cooperates with Red Giant Trapcode Particular of Adobe After Effects, and uses particle system and physics to simulate an abstract moving image. From germination to emergence, it slowly transforms into flowers, as an opening scene of this dance performance.


演出最後則用上了樹根作結尾,同樣用上 Trapcode Particular 把粒子控制成像水的流動,漸漸聚合成樹根。

At the end of the performance, tree roots were used as the ending, and Trapcode Particular was also used to control the particles like the flow of water and gradually aggregated into tree roots.

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